Let us help you moving your essential data and application to the cloud with an ease.

With the rise in IT business demand, infrastructure is loaded with amazing web applications and the IT capacity for innovation is gradually decreasing. For bridging the gap between IT capacity and growing business demand, application migration to cloud is necessary that can accommodate the best-in class services and freed the infrastructure.

We, at Meashvi Technologies, render cloud migration services assisting in moving infrastructure, different applications and business procedures to cloud. Just Choose the cloud and we will assist you cloud connect there. Through cloud migration, the work load of any business is transferred from one cloud to another cloud and “on premise to cloud migration” also known as declouding where the work load is transferred from the cloud reverse to the on-prem data centre.  Our service of migration to cloud computing has capability to mitigate risk, enhance performance and invoke robust processes leading to potential business development. We are smart and highly skilled techies who know how to roll out these capabilities to individual business entity.

Services we offer

Platform Migration
Infrastructure Migration
Data Migration
Application Migration