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An IBM i (AS/400) system is a reliable system that was launched in the past 80’s and named as iSeries back then. In today’s technology enabled world, these IBM systems are considered as highly relevant and useful for modern and old applications. It kept evolving from time to time and catered the overall demands of the recent market trends and fast-paced business demands, which is why IBM has grown so much popularity till date. The development in Information technology, mobility, social, Open Source and Analytics are all altering the way IBM i (AS/400) give right support to any business in today’s date and time. Its servers are named as IBM i (AS/400), iSeries, System i and ‘Power System for IBM i’ too. Right from the name iSeries to start on with every foremost augmentation, IBM kept altering the name of the AS/400 Service. Although it is more apposite to call the server a Power System for IBM i, specialists still keep referring to it as IBM i (AS/400) or iSeries system. IBM i (AS/400) is by far more likely acceptable forename of this platform.

Well, Meashvi Technologies is a leading company that works on cloud enabled devices and helps to keep a track of data on cloud. They have a well-established IBM i (AS/400) system (Power System for IBM i) that is pooled with capable and trained system admin resources. These admin resources assists in managing complex and highly regulated IBM i (AS/400) environments for multiple customers across diverse business verticals including Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Media and Entertainment, Banking, Finance/Insurance and so on.

Our Solutions

We, at Meashvi Technology, offer IBM i (AS400) Transformation Services that makes sure the customers about IBM I (AS/400) environment. This means that it tells about the IBM i environment’s size and support to meet recovery time and recovery point objectives, as well as availability of the SLAs at the same time keeping the TCO of the environment low. Meashvi Technologies’s IBM i (AS400) Transformation Service Portfolio comprises of many services, some of which are given below:


  • Data Center Hosting Build/Consolidation
  • Hardware Technology Refresh
  • OS Upgrades
  • Server Moves (Lift and Shift)
  • Individual servers/LPARs consolidation into new Power System or Blade servers
  • New Environment Creation
  • DR solution/Design and Tests
  • Storage support for various external storage systems
  • HA implementation. Installation, configuration & end to end support for HA tools like MIMIX, QuickEDD, ODS/OMS, iTerra
  • Implementing Backup Technologies and Policy re-design.

Meashvi Technologies offers IBM i shared hosting services across the globe. The best thing is that our company offers IBM cloud hosting in a pure utility consumption based estimate. With IBMi cloud hosting service, we help our clients to scale artificial intelligence and develop secure applications through the flexibility of open-source as well as cross infrastructure. The hosting environment is really multitenant, while rendering the identical security and data segregation of private cloud. Just connect with Meashvi Technologies and get an assessment of your IBM i environment now.

Meashvi Technologies offers IBM i (AS/400) Remote Infrastructure Management solutions. These solutions enable customers lessen their cost needed in IBM i (AS/400) administration support, while improving service levels through different support models. It helps in supporting coverage to meet the current business requirements. Have a look at our IBM i (AS/400) remote infrastructure management solutions offerings:





  • L1, L2, L3 & SME level services.
  • Operations Control and Management
  • Service Delivery and Support
  • Work Management
  • System and Security Administration
  • Storage Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Performance Management
  • Version, Firmware & Patch Management
  • Incidents/Problem resolution
  • Improvement & Performance Plan
  • Backup & Restore Management
  • Software Installation, upgrades, and migrations that do not fall within Project guidelines.
  • Media Management
  • Printer Management

For more details, please reach out to Meashvi Technologies IBM i Practice

Don’t get confused with the term “Optimize i”, Optimize i is an extra-ordinary framework of Meashvi Technologies. With 80% servers in call for Optimization, Optimize-i assists accomplish higher performance. This framework has capability to typically save 30-40% of by and large TCO by leveraging both the most recent iSeries technology and features. Optimize-i follows multistep approach and produces an undoubtedly charted out to be state of the IBMi (AS/400) environment type output. The assessment is completely dependent on supportability, TCO, ROI, and productivity as well.

Meashvi Technologies offers you solutions of optimize i, which presents an immitigable business case to make over the environment with clear migration path. This is based on different factors, including but not limited to:


  • Right sizing the HW/SW
  • Consolidation
  • Business continuity objectives
  • Rationalize the SW license usage
  • Bringing job automation

For more details, please reach out to Meashvi Technologies IBMi Practice

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