Daily Blogs

 Rich interaction design

Excellent interactive website design can bring enjoyment to users and improve the user experience. Meashvi Tech  helps you quickly create interactive prototype web pages and make your website design more attractive to users.


  • Use contrast in design
  • Be consistent
  • Use appropriate dynamic effects
  • Avoid pop-up window design
  • Create excellent form design

How to improve my website

  1. Have a Plan
  2. Remove stocky images and ambiguous terminology
  3. Include social share and follow buttons
  4. Implement calls-to-action
  5. Use the right imagery that works for your audience
  6. Create a navigation that guides users through your site
  7. Let your visitors scroll on your homepage
  8. Don’t be afraid of white space
  9. Stay mobile friendly
  10. Focus on SEO
  11. Never stop testing
  12. Find and fix 404s
  13. Create unique offerings
  14. Create content for your persona