3 Major SEO Strategies To Success in 2020
3 Major SEO Strategies To Success in 2020

There are many digital marketing tactics that can be done for an online business. Not all company is a good fit for Search Engine Optimization. Once we analyse and then we’ll confirm that we are able to assist your online business. We execute several steps to boost growth for our client’s business called the 3 major SEO strategies to success in 2020.

1. Technical SEO

In the terms of the search engines to show your website in the search results, google bot first need to fetch or crawl and index them.
As we know, Google, Yahoo, and Bing uses spiders to crawl the internet and compile the data and information about the webpages. There are files and directives in your website that provide search engine spiders direction for the orders they need to be crawled and indexed.

Some important points for Technical SEO are as follow:

robots.txt  – In robots.txt file, we putt unwanted web pages, this file generally instructs google that don’t index these webpages.

XML Sitemap – An XML sitemap of the website is just the opposite of the robots.txt file. It provides the search engines with the complete list of all of the webpages on your site that you do want to be crawled, indexed on search results.

Security, Mobile SEO and Pagespeed – More than 60% of searches coming from mobile devices, it’s essential that your website is properly optimized for all devices like for desktops, tablets and mobile phones. We include security, mobile-friendliness and pagespeed of website (Check page-speed of your website). These are key reasons impact website’s usability.

2. Content

Content is king! you heard it a lot, right.

Content is the next main pillar of SEO since its evolution. It includes text, images, gifs, infographics, video, PPTs, PDFs and much more. 

4 factors to remember while creating content for SEO:

  • Keywords Selection – Content needs to include the keywords/phrases you need to gain maximum reach for.
  • Content Element – Unique, relevant, well-written content that offers visitors with great value.
  • Content Relevancy – The more your content relevant to the search intent, the more likely your content/website will rank well in the search results pages.
  • Newness – Avoid duplicate content. Fresh, new content spreads on search engines.

3. On-Page SEO

The exercise of optimizing each and every web page of any website to rank well and get more relevant traffic from search engines.On-page associates to both the content and HTML source code of the webpage that can be optimized, it’s just opposite to off-page SEO which refers to backlinks.

The principal on-page aspects that need to be “optimized,” or improved, for users and search engines includes:

Titles and Meta Descriptions are tags in the header of every webpage. All the search engines use this in snippets of information you see in the search engines results page.  Meta description tags available in webpages only impacts on CTR.

Heading (H1 – H6 Tags) – The search engines call these tags as being the header of a page or a very important section of content.

Alt Text – You can add alt text in your website SEO by optimizing images with a written description of an image. 

Internal links – Proper internal linking enhances user experience and your on-page SEO. They also transfer ranking power from one webpage to another webpage on your site. Permit search engines and website visitors to handily find your other web pages on your website.

Structured Data – are snippets of code that give search engines precise information about what the content on a webpage is about. It also permits webpages to easily index web pages in the proper context in search results pages.

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