3 SEO Reasons Google Not Loving Your Website

SEO is really hard to master because we have to regularly stay update with. No one will tell you that there are a large number of other online businesses are working hard to replace your rankings and, in some cases, they win. Here are the reasons you need to know why your website might be struggling to rank higher on Google, Bing & Yahoo. We’re going to review some probable reasons why search engines just aren’t picking up your content or website.

1. Slow Website Speed

Technology is moving so fast in the digital era, where everyone wants a solution on a single click of the button. To keep your business alive, you should have an effective site that can generate revenue. But, what if your site shows not quick results? Do you know if your website is not fast enough soon you’ll be out of the business. So, keep improving the speed of your site.

2. Not Creating Consistent Content To Build Trust

If your proper optimized blogpost or content isn’t ranked well, take a quick look at the search results (check in private window) and examine what you see. Is any specific kind of search result is ruling?  Are they blogs, images, infographics, GIFs or videos? Which related queries are shown? This is where your ranking scopes are. If you analysed search result intent for a search query is essentially informational, you can create a blogpost about that to get visitors to your website, build your brand as a trustworthy source of information and come up first in the mind when searcher do want to buy something or searching for information. Take the content making decisions on the basis of results of any keywords on search engine.

3. Mobile SEO of your site is not good

You’ll lose your target keyword rankings on google as well as your customers if your website is not mobile responsive. The leaders in your industry are already leveraging benefits through mobile friendly sites. According to a stats, after visiting a non-mobile friendly website, around 79 percent of visitors would instead look for another option.

Fortunately, Meashvi Tech is specialized to creating Mobile-Friendly websites  that can generate revenue. We’d love to hear from you and assist you to create a website or web page or landing that looks amazing and run effectively on all mobile devices!